We are living in a dying world with pain coming from the four corners of the earth. Women are the bearer of pain for the most part, from conception to delivery. In some situations, they endure pain throughout life. Far too many women are hurting deeply, looking for love in all the wrong places. With much haste, many are aggressively looking for affirmation through money, security, and sex.

The Love Yourself Holistically Organization (LYHO) is a non-profit organization that was formed by a group of women, chosen by God to carry out a specific task. Our mission is to reach out to young ladies and women in our society. Our desire is to spiritually help them to flourish in the areas of body, mind, and soul and therefore positively affect their homes and society as a whole. With this being our focus, we launched this platform for women by hosting a 2 Day Powerful Conference with Inspiring Speakers and Dynamic Events in February 2018. We are now in our 3rd year and expecting God to continue to bless this ministry.